HOW OFTEN DO I NEED TO SEE THE ORTHODONTIST? The frequency of in-person orthodontic appointments can now be personalized in order to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Thanks to technology, many orthodontic appointments are now virtual which reduces the need to miss important life activities. YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO SEE THE ORTHONTIST EVERY MONTHTraditionally, orthodontic […]

At What Age Should a Child See An Orthodontist?

The Best Age to Get an Orthodontic Consultation We recommend that children see an orthodontist at the age of five so that the growth of their jaws and their bite can be evaluated. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that children wait until seven years of age for their evaluation appointment, however, our patients […]

How Many Orthodontic Opinions Should I Get?

How Many Orthodontic Opinions Should I Get? In most areas the initial orthodontic consultation is free making it even more enticing for parents and adults to spend time searching for the best orthodontic specialist. Orthodontic patients should get at least three different opinions from orthodontic specialists. Many dentists recommend one or two orthodontists when sending […]

Should I See A Dentist During Orthodontic Treatment?

Seeing Your Dentist During Orthodontic Treatment Orthodontic patients should continue to see their dentist during orthodontic treatment and some patients need to see their dentist more frequently to ensure that optimum dental health is maintained until the end of orthodontic treatment. The Difference Between Your Dentist and Orthodontist Orthodontic patients sometimes assume that the orthodontist […]

The Best Time for Braces

The Best Time For Braces The best time for your child’s braces depends on the severity of the problem. Severe problems benefit from early intervention and this early start is much more comfortable for the child, especially when expansion is needed.  Uncomplicated treatment can be delayed until more permanent teeth are present. Basically, the answer […]

What Causes Crooked or Spaced Teeth?

Crooked teeth need to be fixed with orthodontic treatment

What Causes Crooked or Spaced Teeth? There are about 4 million people with braces in the United States*. The most common reasons patients seek orthodontic treatment include crooked teeth, crowding, spacing, or a bad bite. Many patients ask the following questions, “What caused my crowded teeth?” or “What caused my teeth to be spaced?” We […]

Do I have sleep apnea? Does my child have sleep apnea?

We hear it a lot… “Do I have sleep apnea?” Sleep apnea is a serious disease that affects both children and adults. You may not be aware of your condition and may be suffering from the side effects without knowing solutions are available Who can have sleep apnea and what are the symptoms? One in […]

Five Things You Won’t Get With Mail Order Aligners

Mail-order aligners continue to grow in popularity due to lower prices and the perceived convenience of avoiding having to visit a local orthodontist. But just like your mom always told you, a deal may not be a deal when you look at all the facts. We’ve laid out a few points for you to consider […]


“I want a perfect smile but I don’t want BRACES!!”  Do you find yourself looking in the mirror and really wanting a more dynamic and youthful smile?  The thought of METAL BRACES is a “No Go” and so the dream of a perfect smile drifts away.  No need to delay the perfect smile because there […]

When Should My Child See An Orthodontist?

Children huddled around with smiles fixed by orthodontist

We recommend an orthodontic consultation no later than 5 years of age! Clinical examination and imaging allow the orthodontic specialist to determine immediate and future orthodontic needs. The idea that permanent teeth need to be present for orthodontic treatment is no longer accurate. My Child’s Baby Teeth Are Perfect So There Is No Need For […]