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Corrective Jaw Surgery

If your jaws don’t meet correctly and your teeth don’t seem to “fit” with your jaws, you may have a bite problem that makes eating difficult. Your face may appear “off balance,” and you may not be happy with the way you look. Your bones and teeth may have grown that way since childhood, or you may have injured your face. Whatever the reason, your teeth and facial bones can be repositioned to create a more balanced appearance with jaws that work in harmony with the joints, teeth, and muscles.

The first step in an orthognathic case is straightening your teeth with orthodontics then repositioning your jaws with corrective jaw surgery. Using this “team” approach, you will get the best possible result by working with the both the orthodontist and the oral surgeon. Your orthodontist will move your teeth into correct position for the bite you’ll have after corrective jaw surgery. Your oral surgeon will reshape your jaws and possibly other facial bones during surgery to form a better bite and a more pleasing appearance.