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When Should My Child See An Orthodontist?

Dr. Mark Coreil, DDS

Dr. Mark Coreil, DDS

Dr. Mark Coreil, DDS is a Board Certified orthodontist. He is also an Associate Professor of Clinical Orthodontics at the Louisiana State University School of Dentistry.

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Children huddled around with smiles fixed by orthodontist

We recommend an orthodontic consultation no later than 5 years of age! Clinical examination and imaging allow the orthodontic specialist to determine immediate and future orthodontic needs. The idea that permanent teeth need to be present for orthodontic treatment is no longer accurate.

My Child’s Baby Teeth Are Perfect So There Is No Need For Concern

The reality is that young children with all baby teeth often have beautiful smiles. Bite problems and future crowding can be predicted based on jaw size and jaw relationship. Increasing the space needed for permanent teeth is much more comfortable when done early. Also, the dental arches can easily be expanded using all primary teeth. There is no set rule that permanent teeth are needed to begin orthodontic treatment.

Child smiling with crooked teeth, needs to see orthdontist

Hidden Orthodontic Problems Can Improve With Early Orthodontic Intervention

Children who have crossbites often have a shift of the jaw to the side or forward upon closure and during eating which can lead to irregular jaw growth. Additionally, imaging can detect teeth that are not following the correct path into the mouth and treatment can prevent larger problems later. If your child is a mouth breather or snores, they may be grinding their teeth and this could have long-term adverse effects. Snoring is a key indicator of possible breathing issues and should be evaluated by the orthodontist.

Child smiling with braces, has been helped by orthodontist.

Do I Need A Referral To See An Orthodontist

There is no need for a referral to see an orthodontist. Orthodontists are dentists that have years of additional education in facial growth and development giving them insights into the early detection of developing orthodontic problems. Please visit us here to learn more about Dr. Coreil’s experience with early orthodontic treatment needs.

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