When is the best time?

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The best time for orthodontic treatment is now! Regardless of how old you are, you can have the smile you have always dreamed of. Many adult patients comment, “I have taken care of the kids and now it’s my turn.” In fact, we routinely have patients in their 70’s choosing to begin orthodontic treatment. Improving your smile will be the best investment you have ever made!

Compared to aligners braces eliminate the need to keep up with changing aligners allowing you to just sit back and let your smile become a reality.

Who do you treat with braces?

If braces seem are the right treatment option, we can fit almost any age patient!

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You’ve Got Options

The Coreil Orthodontic Family consists of almost 50% adults and most of these patients have already had braces but are not pleased with their smile. Advancements in technology now allow adults to get the smile they have always dreamed of…without having a “metal mouth.” The growing number of adult patients is directly related to the proven fact that a more pleasing smile can increase success in the business world and lead to a more satisfying and active lifestyle.

Types of Braces

Passion for your smile


There is a common misconception that when the braces come off, the orthodontic treatment is finished. This could not be further from the truth! When your braces come off, we will begin the “retention stage” of your treatment. Once the teeth are in their final positions, it will take effort to keep them there, because the natural tendency is for the teeth to shift or drift back to their starting points. The retainers will hold the teeth in their corrected positions while the gums and bone structure adjust to their new positions. Retainer wear is critical to long term stability!

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Passion for your smile

Financing & Insurance

Our goal is affordable braces & Orthodontic care. From monthly payment plans to complete financing, you’ll find our team eager to arrange a plan that suits your budget. We do all that we can to see that finances don’t stand between you and the necessary treatment. We offer no-interest, in-house financing. Additionally, we have discounts for payment in full and accounts paid in two equal payments.

As a courtesy to our patients, we will file your insurance claims with your insurance company. We instruct the insurance company to reimburse you directly for the portion of your fee covered by the insurance.