Pediatric Orthodontic Therapy

Pediatric Orthodontic Therapy at Coreil Orthodontics

Orthodontic Therapy

Coreil orthodontics in Lafayette, LA

Coreil Orthodontics offers a comprehensive approach to pediatric orthodontic therapy. Early intervention is critical for pediatric patients. Our team includes speech therapists, myofunctional therapists, ENT doctors, and pediatric dentists.

Pediatric Orthodontic Therapy at Coreil Orthodontics provides early detection and treatment for problems associated with speech, breathing, and chewing.

Most children seeking an orthodontic opinion are often told to wait till age 7 for orthodontic intervention. Our approach is to use a variety of conservative measures to improve a child’s overall wellbeing before the age of 7 if indicated. Orthodontic intervention may include expansion of the upper arch, addressing a habit, or correction of an underbite. The orthodontic goals are determined by the team and are focused on improving the oral environment so that therapy is more effective. The pediatric dentist is instrumental in maintaining excellent oral health and also responsible for managing a tongue tie if the team feels this would improve therapy. Evaluation and treatment of airway problems are handled by the ENT doctor. Proper breathing is necessary for adequate sleep which leads to better attention at home and school. Patients with good airways are healthy and energetic.

Dr. Coreil recommends an orthodontic evaluation at 5 years of age or as early as 3 years if parents or teachers have concerns.

Coreil Orthodontics Provides A Wide Variety of Orthodontic Services in Lafayette, LA.